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ABC Clinic (Pilates Style):

Join us for a class concentrating on strengthening your abdominal, upper and lower back regions. Keep your core strong and shape and trim your buns.



This class will lengthen and strengthen your muscles while increasing range of motion. The most ancient, and still the most comprehensive system of health enhancement, yoga benefits the respiratory, endocrine, cardio, and all muscular systems, and all internal organs. Energizing and relaxing for the body, mind and spirit. Appropriate for all levels. (Meditation included with certain classes)


Water Classes (Hydro Class):

The most popular class for all levels. Doesn't even feel like exercising! Fun filled aqua aerobics utilizing propulsion and muscle conditioning. The resistance of water enhances weight loss and allows people with weaknesses and even injuries to safely work out. It's exercise with virtually no impact! A CLASS NOT TO MISS!!!


Step to Health:

An energetic, step aerobics class that really works out your heart and legs. Class may be modified and done without the use of step.



Enjoy a cardiovascular workout to get your body moving! These movements can be done at a low or high intensity, depending on your fitness level. Fun class with full range of stretches included. Great music!


* You can try any class and if you choose to leave before it ends, for whatever reason, be sure and let the instructor know that you are leaving and that you are all right. Any concern about any physical activity can be addressed to any one of our experienced trainers





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